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Birthdate:Jun 21
I am a LOTR obsessed fan-fiction writer. I write all kinds From G all the way to NC-17 ( mostly NC-17 stuff) Het, Slash, Femslash. None of the stuff I write has ever stuck to canon and I doubt it ever will. ( It's just more fun that way)

Asking me to pick one favorite elf is like asking someone to breath only once every hour. I can tell you my top 5 are, Elladan/Elrohir, Glorfindel, Thranduil,Legolas, Haldir. The list goes on but those are the 5 ( okay 6 really with the twins) that I use most in my stories.

* * * * * * * *

Whether you are looking for a great place to post your stories,find great stories from many amazing writers or just looking for some advice for you story then the OF Elves And Men website and yahoo groups is the place to be. So come on in and have a look around..

The following icon is one that I made. The glorfindel minip that I used (with permission of course) was done by [info]tuxedo_elf

glorfindel and elladan

This mood theme was made by SayAye.

This mood theme was made by SayAye.

I have also joined the [info]10_letters community. Because I enjoy a good challenge I choose to do 30 letters intead of just 10 lol this is my table I chose Elladan and Glorfindel-now complete

016Love017Magic018Moonlight019Music020Not enough
021Star022Too Much023Touch024Triangle025Wager
026Wish027years028Writer's Choice029Writer's Choice030Writer's Choice

and this one is Elladan/Elrohir
006Love007Seasons008Time009Writer's Choice010Writer's Choice

I have also joined [info]25fluffyfics and this is my table, it is also Elladan/Glorfindel

21.Sunset22.Parting23.Reunion24.Writer’s choice25.Writer’s Choice


I Moderate two LOTR RPG's.

1)Middle Earth After Midnight.

A fast paced Adult RPG, rated NC-17. Anyone interesed can check out the webiste here.

The RP itself is on a private board and only member can read or post.

2) Middle Earth RPG

The Role Play Game is rated R and is not suitable for those under 18, because of language, violence and adult situations. We allow both het and slash relationships though only implied, nothing graphic.

Both RPG's are always happy to invite new players. If interested just leave me a message here or contact the moderators at


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